What is a Simplifarian?

“Simplifarian” is an entirely made up word that sums up an approach to life.

A Simplifarian believes happiness is found in a simple life, but definitely not a boring life.

We haven’t found some magical “simplifying sauce” that makes everything in our lives easier (although that would be nice!)

In this increasingly hectic world, we’re just actively working towards a simpler way to live with less stuff, more freedom, less stress and more rest. 

What does a Professional “Simplifier” do?

We help simplify in 3 steps: Downsize. Declutter. Delegate.

Project Management

When you’re time-poor or overwhelmed, we step in to be your extra pair of hands. We take on a wide range of jobs big and small so you don’t have to.

Declutter and Downsize

We help you through the process of reducing, redistributing, recycling and reselling your unwanted belongings so you have more space, less stuff, more money and less stress at home.

House and Pet Sitting

We take care of your home and pets while you’re away so you can enjoy a stress-free holiday. We can even sell your unwanted items while you’re gone so you come home to a pile of extra cash! Free for some clients.

Sell Your Unwanted Items

We take photos of your unwanted items, post “for sale” ads online and haggle with buyers to turn your clutter into cash.


We manage short-term projects to get you through a busy period, or hire the ongoing virtual support staff you need to work smarter instead of harder.


We offer one-on-one personalised coaching to help you slow down or keep momentum so you have a simpler life with less stress and more freedom.

Who are these people?


We’re Laura and David and we’re happy to admit, we’re simple folk.

We’re an Aussie-French married couple who live in a tiny house on wheels in the wonderful world of Oz.

Before coming back to Australia, we lived for four years in the South Pacific Kingdom of Tonga where we managed an off-grid eco-resort on a private island.

Prior to that, we spent a lot of our time in a remote village of the Himalayas running a non-profit organisation to prevent human trafficking from mountain communities in Nepal.

Throughout this time, we’ve had long periods without access to TVs, shops, roads, vehicles or even a postal service. We naturally accumulated less stuff and slowly let go of most of our belongings, only to find that the less we owned, the less we had to worry about.

And the less we felt we needed, the more money and freedom we had to pursue what really mattered to us.

In amongst all of that, Laura started working remotely as a Project and HR manager for an online company, hiring virtual staff and contractors.

This kicked off our addiction to outsourcing – simplifying our lives by hiring people online to do the big and small tasks that would take us too long to do ourselves.

Now, with few possessions, a portable income and endless freedom, we’ve enjoyed a long career as housesitters, taking care of homes and fur families from Italy to Tonga and Thailand.

Then last year we decided to move back to Australia and try out life in a tiny house on wheels – a converted school bus who goes by the name of Maurice.

So life keeps getting simpler for us, but it’s definitely never boring…

However, every time we came home to Australia or France, it seemed like society was swinging the other way.

A “busyness” epidemic was creeping through the Western world and people were increasingly overstretched, overwhelmed and burnt out, working harder than ever.

Many were also drowning in “stuff” — garages so full the cars were parked on the street, and spare rooms piled high with bits and pieces they didn’t know what to do with.

So whenever we came home to visit, we found ourselves jumping into people’s lives to help ease the load.

That’s how we came up with concept of becoming professional “Simplifiers”.

Or, Simplifarians.

Like little smurfs who (according to one friend) come in to your home and just make everything easier.

Because with not much holding us down, we’re free to step into your life as an extra pair of hands when two just isn’t enough.

We can sell the junk in your garage so you can get your car in there again.

Or help you transition to life in a smaller space so you can enjoy the freedom of having less to worry about.

We can also hire someone you can delegate to when your “To Do” list is out of control.

We want to help you let go of the “stuff” and tasks that overwhelm you to make room in your life for the people and things that truly matter.

If that sounds like what you need right now, you know where to find us.

We know the internet is a crowded place and we appreciate your visit!

We want you to know we respect your privacy and you can review The Simplifarians privacy policy here.

Kindly note that, during this time of COVID-19, we will carry out proper hygiene and social distancing protocols for home visits. Masks and gloves can be worn and hand sanitizer will be used regularly.

We are continuing to comply with all Federal & State Government recommendations in relation to preventing the spread of COVID-19.

We continue to closely monitor the situation and will provide updates as they become available in relation to the services on offer.