Feeling overwhelmed?

How often do you feel stressed because there’s too much to do and not enough space or time to do it?

It’s become the new norm to feel overcommited and overstretched while also overconsuming – running on the hamster wheel of life, just trying not to fall flat on our faces.

We know we need to slow down and simplify our lives but how do we do that when there are bills to pay, debts to clear, family to take care of, businesses to run and commitments to keep?

So we keep running, always feeling like we’re doing ten things badly instead of a couple of things well.

Here at the Simplifarians, we get it.

We spend a lot of time stepping into the lives of people who are completely overwhelmed. We help reduce their stress, stuff and workload by minimising their lives and delegating their to do lists.

Hiring people like us is a fantastic short-term solution when you just need to get a job done, but what about when you want to make a long-lasting change to how you live your life?

How coaching can help


We believe you can do ANYTHING.

But you can’t do everything all at once…

Working with a Simplify My Life coach can help you:

  • Triage your life like a hospital emergency room, organising your priorities according to your values, their importance and their urgency so you always know exactly where to focus your energy next.
  • Minimise, downsize and declutter your life to make more space, time and freedom for what really matters
  • Eliminate stressors like bad debt, toxic relationships and poor habits.
  • Navigate transitions including new career paths, sea-changes or tree-changes that will set you on the road to a simpler life.
  • Uncover unconcious beliefs and patterns that keep you running on the hamster wheel
  • Develop better habits for incorporating more rest, boundaries and fun into your everyday life.

We’ll be your sounding board, strategy partner and your biggest cheerleader as you make the transition to a simpler life.

Your Investment


We offer one-off 90 minute consultations if you just need a kick-start, or 3-6 month coaching series for people wanting to create meaningful, lasting change in their lives.

Pricing starts from $90 per session.

All coaching series packages include one session a fortnight and ongoing email support in between.

Just flick us a message outlining what parts of your life need simplifying and your phone number, and we’ll jump on an obligation-free call to see if we can help.

Meet Laura, your coach.


I’m Laura, and I’m a reformed over-consumer and borderline hoarder who used to complicate everything.

At a particularly low point, I had a 5 figure credit card debt (with only passport stamps and handbags to show for it) and a job I hated working night-shifts in an inner city call centre.

Over the last 14 years I’ve slowly simplified every aspect of my life so I now have no debt, no bills, plenty of savings, and I live in a converted school bus with everything I need.

In 2015, I made the transition to working online so I could take my job on the road, work in my pyjamas, and travel the world.

My entire home and office fit into a “hand luggage” backpack and a tiny house on wheels I can take anywhere I go.

Life has never been simpler. Or happier.

I identify as a “multipotentialite” – a person with diverse and ever-changing interests, hobbies and careers – so I’ve always had to find creative ways to juggle projects without overcommiting myself and burning out.

Now I enjoy working with my clients through the process of simplifying, scaling back and streamlining their lives, so they can happily manage their commitments, pursue their dreams and give themselves permission to rest and enjoy the simple things in life.

I’m a fully qualified and Certified Coach with the ICF accredited Beautiful You Coaching Academy in Melbourne, Australia and can’t wait to help you on the path to simpler life.

What our clients say…

“Laura’s incredible insight gave me so much clarity and made me feel confident that I CAN do anything and everything I want to do.

Laura has this incredible warmth and nurturing way about her. She’s relatable and encouraging but also keeps it real. In our sessions, I felt comfortable being my authentic self and knew that I could talk about anything without judgement. I absolutely love Laura’s energy and passion for life! Her experiences and knowledge about the world and consciousness are inspiring.”


Graphic Designer / Dance Teacher / Intuitive Coach / Woman’s Circle Facilitator

Working with Laura literally created ‘short cuts’ for me. After coaching with Laura, I had a lot more clarity to be able to step back and look at things from a whole different perspective. This was key for helping me move forward in the right direction. It would have taken me a long time to get to that vision on my own.

I think anyone who has her as a coach in their life is extremely fortunate.”


Community Manager / Business English Teacher / Online Entrepreneur

“I was lucky enough to work with Laura and experience her brilliance first-hand when I hired her to speak and facilitate a workshop at Phuket Cleanse, the number one wellness retreat in Phuket, Thailand.

I was looking for an inspiring speaker, who could hold the attention of a room and engage our guests in a meaningful and deep discussion about their lives and this is exactly what I got with Laura. 

She took our guests through her GPS For The Soul process, which they found incredibly helpful and the feedback we received was glowing.  Much more than just inspiration and motivation, the guests were blown away by how they could apply the process to their own lives and begin to create meaningful change.

Laura’s ability to be honest, vulnerable and connect with people made this workshop all the more powerful and I would recommend her to anyone.”


Life Coach

Before I worked with Laura I was so confused and paralyzed with too many decisions to make in terms of my career and general direction in life. I knew where I wanted to go but did not know where to even start.

Through the coaching series I discovered that a big part of my purpose is to help others set themselves free and that I receive my answers to my own questions by helping others find the answers to theirs. I felt like I had validation that I am working towards an end goal that has purpose and meaning, and I’d learnt to live life in the now and enjoy the process and journey without forcing things to happen. I’d also reached a new level of self-acceptance and confidence in my ability, knowing my experience does give me something I can offer others.

Laura knows just the right questions to ask so I can tap into the answers I need from within. She also has a great way of keeping me on track but not too strict like a sergeant — just a happy medium.

She listens and understands me but doesn’t pity me and still gently pushes me forward — which I really needed. I was also able to cut the procrastination crap and just get on with it, to stop making excuses and projecting things so far into the future that I don’t get on with the things in front of me. 

I think anyone who has Laura as a coach in their life is so blessed! I know I am!”


Traveller / Digital Solutions Provider / Marketing Coach / Freedom Seeker

Since my 12 week coaching series with Laura, I have much more clarity about what it is I really want as opposed to what I think I want. Laura was wonderful to work with, very supportive, but also not getting caught up in my stories so she kept me moving me forward. This has helped me make decisions in my life that are supportive of who I really am instead of who I think I need to be.”


Dog Behavioural Specialist / Spiritual Teacher / Client Care Guru

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