Housesit Decluttering

We take care of your home and pets when you’re on holiday
AND sell your unwanted items while you’re gone.

Free for some clients!

It’s kind of like a paid holiday…

When you leave home for a few weeks or months, it’s comforting to know your house and pets will be taken care of by responsible, caring professionals.

But wouldn’t it also be nice to make some extra tax-free income from your house while you’re gone, with no effort required on your part?

Here at the Simplifarians we offer Housesit Decluttering – a truly unique service to help simplify your home, life and travels.

How Housesit Decluttering works:

Step 1: Contact the Simplifarians to check availability for your travel dates and we’ll jump on a call to learn more about your home, animals and the items you want to sell.

Step 2: Go through your house and label all the items you want to sell. This might be furniture, appliances, antiques, sports equipment, tools, instruments, anything you don’t want anymore!

Step 3: We arrive in our tiny house on wheels 2-3 days before you leave and together we go through everything you want sold.

Step 4: We itemise each possession and agree on the price you want for it. Each item is then branded with a colourful sticker, photographed and documented carefully.

Step 5: You go on holiday and have a wonderful time with complete peace of mind knowing your home, pets and garden will all be taken care of while you’re away.

Step 6: We get to work! We take pictures of the items, upload them online for sale, negotiate and haggle with buyers and coordinate pick-ups and delivery. We always aim to sell the goods at the highest possible price at first, then drop the cost as time goes on. We take 40% commission on every sale.

How much money you earn all depends on what you want to get rid of and the demand for those items in your local area. We’ve had success selling items in the city, suburbs and even rural areas.

Step 7: You arrive home to a sparkling clean house, happy animals, less clutter AND a pile of cash where your old, unwanted items used to be.

Sound good?

Get in touch to find out how we can simplify your life while you travel.

This service is free for some clients

Housesit declutter assignments may be free for some clients depending on your location, duration and the needs of your pet(s).

Every home is different, so please get in touch with an outline of your travel dates, the animals you need cared for, and the kind of items you want sold. 

Then we’ll jump on a call to chat about your unique situation.

What our clients say…

David made us over $1200 while we were on holiday in Perth! We were planning to move house in the following months and needed to get rid of some big items of furniture. Before we left, we documented together everything we wanted to get rid of then we hopped on a plane. While we were away having a relaxing break, David and Laura made sure the house was taken care of, the bins were put out, the mail came in and the outdoor furniture cushions were brought inside during a bad storm. They also sold all our unwanted items so we came home to find $1200 in cash sitting on the kitchen bench.

Katherine and Ben

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