Outsourcing and Recruitment

Is your business growing faster than you can keep up with?

Do you need to hire someone to help you, but don’t have time?

We can manage short-term projects to get you through a busy period in your business, or hire the ongoing support staff you need so you can work smarter instead of harder.

Simplify my Business

Small business burnout is real…

 When you first start a small business, you have to wear all the hats.

The customer service hat… The salesperson hat… The person who takes out the rubbish hat…

But when things start to take off, you don’t have time or energy to wear all the hats anymore.

Before you get overwhelmed and burnt out, you need to bring someone into your business you can delegate to.

And in the 2020s, that might be someone you’ve never even met before.

Remote workers can simplify your business

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, entire businesses were being run from home, hammocks and cafes around the world.

For 5 years, Laura worked as project and hiring manager for an online company, without ever laying eyes on her boss. Laura successfully vetted thousands of applicants and hired dozens of staff from Australia to the USA and Mexico to Macedonia, sight unseen.

Since then, we’ve become addicted to outsourcing any job we can’t do ourselves. 

Remote workers can easily take on short and long term computer and phone based roles, such as:

  • Administration
  • Inbox management
  • Personal assistance
  • Bookkeeping
  • Customer service
  • Graphic design
  • Web development and website maintenance
  • Email and online marketing
  • Document formatting
  • Data entry
  • Research tasks
  • Presentation design
  • Social media management
  • Video and audio editing

The best thing about hiring virtually is you have a global talent pool to choose from. Now you can cast your net wider, outside your local area, to other regions (or even other countries!) to find the best person for the job.

Virtual staff work from home so you don’t need more office space to accommodate them. Instead of wasting money on rent and utilities for your office space, you can manage your team online.

But how do you get started?

We can hire your virtual staff

If you’re ready to take on a virtual employee or contractor but you don’t know where to start, get in touch.

We can:

  • Write a job description
  • Post job ads online
  • “Headhunt” candidates on online databases
  • Create application forms
  • Review applications
  • Interview candidates
  • Run test jobs for shortlisted candidates (always try before you buy!)
  • Check references
  • Put forward up to three potential candidates for you to choose from
  • Set up systems and software to help you run an effective online office

Usually all we need to do is meet with you once at the beginning to better understand your business and hiring needs, and once at the end to present you with up to 3 potential candidates for the job.

We’ll manage the entire process from beginning to end so you can stay focused on running your business and do the things you do best.

Do you need to hire a virtual assistant for a short-term project?

We may be able to take care of it ourselves. Just drop us a line and we’ll jump on a call to go over the details.

What our clients say…

I brought Laura on board at a critical point — I was failing at building and managing a team in my online business and needed help.

She immediately went to work to build a much better system for sourcing, vetting, hiring and onboarding new team members and helped us grow from three to ten staff. Her role morphed to include team leadership, training our new staff, helping them to learn the ropes of working remotely, and being there as a leader whenever they felt lost, both emotionally and from a practical standpoint.

I could tell Laura was an A-Player soon after hiring her. She could see all the different aspects at play in a project, from the practical, financial, and human elements, and would prepare accordingly. This left me the space to do what I needed to — to be creative, build marketing campaigns and create new products.

If you’re looking to work with someone with high emotional intelligence, who is calm under pressure and has a broad understanding of how online business works, Laura is a great choice.


We’d made quite a few bad hires before we got Laura to take over recruitment for the office of our island resort. Until then, we just asked candidates to send a CV and resume then we spent hours sorting through them and interviewing the best candidates. They looked great on paper and said the right things when we interviewed on Skype, but when they got to the island, it didn’t work out.

Laura created a really smart recruitment system that didn’t just screen the applicants, but tested them. So before we even offered these candidates a job, we had an idea of their technical skills, how resourceful they are (very important when you live on an island!) and how they solve problems.

Laura found red flags we wouldn’t normally see and saved us so much time, money and frustration. The office assistant she helped us hire is still working with us years later and is now instrumental to the running of our business.” 


Your Investment

If you’ve ever wasted hours on making a bad hire before, you’ll know recruitment can be time-consuming and expensive. 

We offer a beginning-to-end recruitment package starting from just $500 AUD.

Pricing depend on the role you’re hiring for, when you need someone to start and what kind of support you need for onboarding and training. 

To find out how we can help ease your workload and simplify your business, drop us a line here, outline your outsourcing needs and we’ll jump on a call to see how we can help.

We can also declutter and downsize your office

Just as we offer decluttering and downsizing services at home, we can help you clear out your office or workspace.

Are your storage rooms are so full you can barely walk inside, or you’ve got stock overflowing and nowhere to put it?

Reach out and we’ll help you make some space.

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