Project Management

Do you feel so busy and overwhelmed you don’t even have time to be reading this web page right now?

We hear ya…

So let’s cut right to the chase.

If you feel like you need a clone or there just aren’t enough hours in the day, we can step in and help get things done.

Every Superhero needs a side kick

We know how you everyday heroes roll…

You’re juggling your career, family and passion projects while dodging all the unexpected curve balls life throws your way.

You’re ambitious and determined and we know you can do anything. But sometimes you can’t do everything at the same time

When it all get’s too much, we’ll be your side kick. The Robin to your Batman…

Our superpower is that we’re generalists —professionals who know a little bit about lots of different things. In the past, we’ve managed international restaurants, a South Pacific island, three non-profit organisations, an alpaca farm and even a library on a remote Himalayan mountain.

In our experience, everything is figureoutable and we’re great at learning how to swim when we get thrown in the deep end.

David may be the most stubbornly productive man on the planet, getting impossible things done long after most people will have given up.

And Laura is an idea machine who can outsource any job she can’t do herself.

Together, we’ll step in to help simplify your life, whatever that means for you.

What can we help with?

The better question is: What do you need done?

Here are some projects we’ve finished for our clients recently:

➛  Building a website for a self-published author and creating the eBook and audiobook versions of her memoir

➛  Jump starting a bus, driving it to a workshop and waiting while it was repaired for a client who had to drop everything and drive interstate for a funeral.

➛  Finding a graphic designer to format a document for a report due in two days

➛  Setting up and managing the social media profiles for an accounting firm

➛  Homeschooling students via Skype during the coronavirus pandemic so parents could work in peace.

➛  Sourcing a soft furnishings designer to replace a damaged couch cushion.

➛  Setting up decorations and food for a surprise party at the guest of honour’s house while they were at work

➛  Helping a mechanic set up a new hydraulic car lift

➛  Running a garage sale for a retired couple

So what can we do? All sorts of weird and random stuff, as it turns out…

As long as it’s legal and our skills are remotely relevant, we’re prepared to help with whatever projects you want to throw at us. And if we can’t do it ourselves, we’ll find someone who can.

We’ll step in to help you out in those moments where you don’t feel quite up to saving the world alone.

We’ll help simplify your life so you have more space and time to focus on the things that really matter.

So if you need to buy a few more hours in your day, call or email and we’ll see how we can help.

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