We can help simplify your life.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, we step in to help you complete your unfinished projects, declutter your life and get things done.

Our aim is to simplify your life, whatever that means for you, so you have more space and time to focus on what really matters.

Travelling in our tiny house on wheels, we work with clients all over Australia’s Eastern states.

Our Services

Project Management

When you’re time-poor or overwhelmed, we step in to be your extra pair of hands. We take on a wide range of jobs big and small so you don’t have to.

Declutter and Downsize

We help you through the process of reducing, redistributing, recycling and reselling your unwanted belongings so you have more space, less stuff, more money and less stress at home.

House and Pet Sitting

We take care of your home and pets while you’re away so you can enjoy a stress-free holiday. We can even sell your unwanted items while you’re gone so you come home to a pile of extra cash! Free for some clients.

Sell Your Unwanted Items

We take photos of your unwanted items, post “for sale” ads online and haggle with buyers to turn your clutter into cash.


We manage short-term projects to get you through a busy period, or hire the ongoing virtual support staff you need to work smarter instead of harder.


We offer one-on-one personalised coaching to help you slow down or keep momentum so you have a simpler life with less stress and more freedom.

Just Ask Our Clients

David and Laura were angels in helping me declutter my lounge room and then my new kitchen. They have taken care of all the items I wanted to sell and donate which was a blessing for me as I did not have the inclination or know-how. If you need a good clean out, clean up, get rid of and sell, house and animals sitters, I cannot speak highly enough of the Simplifarians.


Simplify My Home Client

David made us over $1200 while taking care of our house when we were on holiday! Before we left, David carefully documented all the items we wanted to get rid of then, while he and Laura also took great care of our home, he sold them all online. Can’t tell you how great it felt to come home from holiday to a spotlessly clean house AND a pile of cash sitting on the kitchen bench!

Katherine and Ben

Simplify My Travels Clients

I was failing at building and managing a team until I brought Laura onboard. She immediately went to work to develop a much better system for sourcing, vetting, hiring and onboarding new team members and helped us grow from three to ten staff. This left me the space to do what I needed to do to grow my business.


Simplify My Business Client

Make money
while you’re on holiday

We take care of your home and pets when you’re on holiday AND turn your unwanted possessions into cash while you’re away.

It’s called “Housesit Decluttering” and it’s free for some clients.

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