Declutter and

Do you feel like you have too much “stuff” and not enough space?

Want to move to a smaller home or office but can’t take everything with you?

We can help you reduce, redistribute, recycle and resell your unwanted belongings so you have more space, less stuff, more money and less stress in your life.


“The less you have, the less you have to worry about”

It’s no coincidence we live in a time of increasing material abundance, yet depression, stress and anxiety disorders are all on the rise.

Now, about 89% of Australians believe getting rid of their old and unused things will make them feel happier and freer in life, and 31% say they feel stressed or weighed down by their unwanted items.

But many people have no idea where to start, and that’s where the Simplifarians come in…

We can make more room in your life

We can help you:

  • Declutter your home, office, garage, wardrobe or storage unit
  • Downsize from a large home or office to a smaller space
  • Resell your unwanted items online
  • Redistribute everything else to charity and recycling centres
  • Preserve sentimental items so you keep the memories without the clutter. 

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What our clients say…

“David made us over $1200 while taking care of our house when we were on holiday! Before we left, he carefully documented all the items we wanted to sell. Then David and Laura made sure the house was well-looked after during the Black Summer bushfire season AND they sold all our unwanted items so we came home to find a pile of cash sitting on the kitchen bench! Made our lives so much easier, we can’t recommend them highly enough.”


David and Laura saved us. We were about to move house for the fourth time in four years with four children of varying ages, while also running our own business. We’re time poor and I come from a long line of hoarders, so our garage was full to the brim with things we still hadn’t unpacked from our last move. We didn’t want to take it all into our newly built home so we needed help urgently and had no idea where to start.

David and Laura came to our house while we were working from home and got to work pulling out and categorising all the items in the garage so we could see what was in there. When they were done, they brought us out for 30 minutes of supported and guided decision making about what should stay and go. Then they sent us back inside to work while they redistributed everything, sorting everything into rubbish, donation, rehome and resell. At the same time, David was posting ads online to sell our unwanted items and people started rocking up at the house to take them away, leaving us with a bundle of cash.

By the end of the day we had sorted ½ of the garage. The feeling was amazing and I actually felt a bit guilty that I had a feeling of pride because I hadn’t really done that much and definitely not the hard work!
Katherine and Ben

“I’d wanted to tackle the storage unit for a long time but it felt daunting on my own and I was dreading it. But not Laura and David! They were so excited to see I had so much stuff and helped me through the process of deciding what to keep and get rid of without any pressure or judgement. In the end, I had a functional storage unit where I could access everything I needed and, between the three of us, it only took a day to do what I’d been putting off for years.”


How it Works

We don’t just breeze in to your life, offer some vague guidance about how to get rid of your stuff, then leave you to do it on your own.

Nope. We’re down there in the trenches with you, moving and packing boxes, dusting ornaments and holding each item up for you to decide if you want to keep it.

This is important, because if you touch it yourself and re-establish a connection, you’re far less likely to get rid of it. Even if you don’t like it, need it or want it.

We’re by your side through the entire process until you’re left with only the items that truly add value to your life.

Then we help you redistribute your unwanted items however you wish — whether it’s donating smaller items to charity shops or selling the bigger items online so you can make some space AND some money at the same time.

David is a master SECONDHAND SALES guru who will clean and take photos of your unwanted goods, then post “For Sale” ads online.

He’ll do all the negotiating and haggling with potential buyers so you don’t have to worry. Then he’ll arrange for the buyer to come to your home to collect the items and pay in cash.

If you need, we can even help you run a garage or yard sale to sell off what’s left.

We can be there at every or any step of the process, depending on what you need, even after we’re gone.

We also offer FOLLOW UP COACHING in the weeks and months after you’ve decluttered and/or downsized, and post-declutter secondhand sales support.

Because we don’t just want to help you get rid of your stuff. We want to help set you on the path to enjoy the benefits of a clutter-free life forever.

Your Investment

Pricing starts from $230* 

* Please note, pricing depends on what you want decluttered, how much stuff you have, how many Simplifarians you need to help, and the expense of travelling to your home or office if outside the Greater Sydney or Central Coast area.

Just contact us for a free quote and we’ll work it out together. 

Life really is better with less

If you get the sense that your stuff is stressing you out or holding you back… if you want to move into a smaller space but have no idea what to do with all your belongings… or you want to shift your spending habits so you can save money in the long run…

Reach out for a chat.

There’s no judgement here (in fact, we get excited when we meet a house full of clutter!) and we would love to help you.

Contact us today.

We know the internet is a crowded place and we appreciate your visit!

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Kindly note that, during this time of COVID-19, we will carry out proper hygiene and social distancing protocols for home visits. Masks and gloves can be worn and hand sanitizer will be used regularly.

We are continuing to comply with all Federal & State Government recommendations in relation to preventing the spread of COVID-19.

We continue to closely monitor the situation and will provide updates as they become available in relation to the services on offer.